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🌟 2025 Details are subject to change! 🌟

About the Milwaukee Marathon

The Milwaukee Marathon’s inaugural event, which was named the PNC Milwaukee Running Festival at the time of the race, took place in 2015 and attracted over 3,700 runners. Rugged Races, which eventually became part of Ventures Endurance, took over the Milwaukee Marathon in 2018 and has overhauled the event with a focus on participant experience in the years since acquiring the race. In 2019, the event attracted over 7,200 runners! Now, after four years of running virtually only, the marathon, half, and 5k is planned to return in 2024.

Community Connection

The event has become a platform for showcasing the city’s diverse neighborhoods, scenic landscapes, and the warm hospitality of its residents. Over the years, the marathon incorporated local elements such as charity partnerships, themed runs, and community engagement initiatives to further showcase the community they serve. Local businesses, schools, and residents eagerly anticipate the event each year, coming together to support the runners and contribute to the electric atmosphere. The marathon has become a source of pride for Milwaukeeans, reflecting the city’s unity and collective spirit.

Ready to Run?

The Milwaukee Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K returns on April 12, 2025 with multiple live events and an epic post-race party! Choose your distance & sign up now!